This free and powerful email client lets you use email templates, so you can save time with writing similar emails. When sending a professional email and you are going to include an attachment, it is best to address it in the body of the email. My name is Lexie Brown, from History 1B, Section 1. It is important that you clearly notify the recepient that your email contains one or more attachments. Think about your message before you write it. Thank you so much for your time. Another thing to note is to make sure you name the file your are sending. Sincerely, So, let’s find out the correct way to mention email attachments. Example #1: Please, find attached the report you asked for yesterday.. A good subject line tells a professor what your email is about and how they should act on it. Double-check their name before sending an email and make sure your greeting is followed by a comma. For example PDF ( portable document format) is the most used of all forms of file format, it can be read by almost everyone who has a phone or computer as they are usually inbuilt. Sometimes professors send out email to the entire class. If your email is regarding an assignment or article, attach the document. Dear Professor Smith, The difference between the almost right word & the right word is really a large matter, it’s the difference between the lightning bug and... Professional salespeople will often say that "meetings make money" as meetings create an excellent opportunity to capture the hearts and pockets of potential customers... What happens after a customer makes a purchase? Your recipients might not have this application and therefore may not be able to access those files. English teachers like that. Thank you for meeting with me. When sending an attachment via email, there are some rules and guidelines that need to be followed if you don’t want your email to get bounced or create an unnecessary nuisance in the inbox of the recipient which might cause them not to open or ignore your email. Start your email to a professor with an appropriate and respectful salutation. The syllabus can tell you about your workload, assignments, deadlines, and more. Points to Consider in Email 5 VIII. Thank you for your time. Dear Dr. Do not annoy the professor with continuous email, sometimes they are busy with some work. In a formal setting, when an email is attached, it could be unclear how to express this to the recipient of the email, especially in cases whereby the only important thing is the attached file and there seems to be no reason or purpose to have a body for the message. In less than a paragraph, your emails make an impression on the person reading them, which affects the timeliness and accuracy of their response. Something like “below is a copy of my C.V or here is an attachment of my academic transcript or certificate” would do. This is why when an email is sent and a file is attached to the message, the manner we communicate this differs and is determined by our relationship with the person at the other end or the purpose we seek to achieve. This shows a lot of professionalism on your part. My name is Lexie Brown, from History 1B, Section 1. I look forward to your reply. Need captions? It can also be helpful to include a summary of related coursework and school activities, along with your resume and cover letter. If you want to email a professor asking a question, check your syllabus first. Closing statement. There are five (5) attached JPEG files. Sending an email to a professor has to be straightforward. Writing Personal Statements/SOPS 2 How to Write Email to Professor 4 I. Email Impact 4 II. There are ways to let the recipient of your mail be aware of the files you have attached. SAMPLE 2: Writing Emails with Attachments. There is plenty of useful information there, and sometimes there also might be guides on how to communicate with the particular professor – what time you should choose for your communication, what their email address is, and if there are some particular questions that you might find answers to without approaching your professor. This is the first step that any student should take before actually writing an email to their professor. An email is usually to the point and short. you could say “I am sending you our presentation for tomorrow as an attachment.” If you are referring to the future, then use this tense in English, e.g. Email attachments are files that are attached to email messages, thereby increasing the potential value or benefit of that message to the recipient. Professor, I am a (year, major) at (university) and I am writing to ask about opportunities for undergraduate research in your lab beginning (time period) . Thank them for their time and sign off your email with “Sincerely” or “Best regards” followed by your name. Some even advised you to stay away from sending an attachment. If you’re wondering how to write an email to a professor, we’ll guide you, step by step. Don’t write a big email to your professor, and also your writing should include everything smartly in ideally 3 paragraphs (4-10 lines). 9. If you are responding to such an email, do not “reply all” unless you want everyone on the list to see your message. Below are the steps to follow when writing an email to request a letter of recommendation from your professor. The subject line defines if a recipient opens your email, so make sure it’s clear, concise and to the point. If you don’t have an educational email address, make sure to use an appropriate email address like If this is correct, please let me know if I can come. It is ideal when using paper mail. "Hey, do u have time to talk tomorrow" is not an acceptable email to a professor. I give you examples and show why you might … Points to Avoid in Email 5 IX. Some people will not open an email attachment unless they have an idea of what is attached. It is vital you do not leave the part where the body of the message should be written blank even if the email attachment is the only reason you are sending the email. Many people make costly mistakes when writing emails with attachments. For this reason, you have to consider the best format available to everyone or that is widely used and accepted as a form of email attachment. Pay attention to grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Here are some subject line examples: Question about [Course name] assignment [Course name]: Asking for an appointment. I am applying to the CMB program and am very interested in your work. There are certain things to note when sending an attachment with your email. Make sure to stick to a formal tone and avoid emojis or informal abbreviations like FYI or ASAP. However, there are some recommendations and tips that will help you to share some useful files without making your receivers worry. WRITING THE EMAIL. After glancing at a few of your recent Click on CC. , or all lowercase letters either (unless you're the poet E. E. … You can also find some useful information on how to make connections with your profe… For example; “Please find attached to this email a copy of my Curriculum Vitae” or “Find attached to this mail a copy of the Sales Report for the year 2016″. For instance, you can say, "I enjoyed your class on XYZ, which I attended in fall 2019." I have checked that your office hours are scheduled on Wednesdays from 2 to 5 PM. Dear Sir/Madam, REF: INDUSTRIAL ATTACHMENT I am a 3 rd year student pursuing mass media and communication at Dadan University and I wish to apply for an attachment. I look forward to your reply. Teju Duru is a writer with a picky taste, an artist and a lover of art, an African in taste and at heart. Dear Professor Smith, In that conversation, you mentioned two papers that I am eager to read, one on post-colonial algebras and another on dialectical topology. Reducing the attachment size of your email can increase the deliverability of your message and enable easy downloads of those files you have sent to the recipient. Here are some tips to help you send an email to professor. Dear Professor Smith, When sending an email with an attachment, for example, if you’re sending a resume or curriculum vitae to a potential employer, or proposals to business clients academic credentials like your transcript and certificates to schools and colleges for admission into an academic program, then you have to consider the type(format) of the file you are attaching. Do not let the body of your message be too long when sending an attachment in a formal email. Files can be lost or missed by your recipient while downloading. instead of sending them one after the other you can compress them into one single PDF form before sending. Chances are pretty solid you’ll find the answer. When you attach a file to an email it is best to stick to the smallest size possible. A simple polite email will be just fine. In cases whereby the only important matter is the attached file, and the body of the message is not quite important, you should make the recipient aware of the files and write briefly what each file is about in the body of the message. Click for free interactive exercises. Digital Communication Tips for Professionals, This is why the subject of your email should clearly state the purpose, we use at Woculus to keep our contents professional, Five Customer Service Email Examples for Replying Angry Customers, How to Answer Emails Professionally (With Examples), Reply Email Samples for Different Situations (Several Examples), 9 Tips You Need to Write and Respond to Emails Professionally, How to Write Acknowledgement Email Replies (With Samples), Email Reply Etiquette: 13 Important Rules for Responding to Professional Emails, 7 Common Mistakes Companies Make With Their Social Media Strategy, Proofreading Your Emails: Your Ticket to Writing Better Emails, 5 Quick Steps to Request a Meeting via Email to be More Productive, How to Start Using Post-Purchase Emails (With Templates), What You Need to Know About B2B Email Marketing. Elvis Lewis. For example, a university could ask you to send your curriculum vitae, statement of purpose, recommendations letter, test scores, academic transcript, and your academic certificates, etc. Kindly let us know if there are details that require clarification. The titles above do not only give a clue that your email may have attached files but they also give an idea of what to expect in the attachments. What we write and how we go about communicating in emails with attachments is determined by who we are relating to. Apple, the Apple logo, MacBook, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Don’t “reply all” when you want to email your professor only. I have conducted undergraduate research on (topic) with (names) in (program or class) . Lexie Brown, Subject: Question about the History 1B assignment 10. How to Write a Business Email with Attachments: Rules. When sending a professional email you can consider uploading a link that contains the information you would like to attach to your email rather than attaching a file. Please let me know if you are available to meet this week. In the syllabus, the deadline for our latest assignment is listed as April 9th. Please note that I no longer respond to comments/questions to this post! Best regards, As we round up, here are a few other things you should bear in mind: By the way, if you would like to get rid of poor grammar, punctuation, spelling mistakes, and lousy sentences in your emails, reports, and other written content, try this automated proofreader that we use at Woculus to keep our contents professional. If you don't know the professor or advisor well, make your connection clear in the email. Learning how to write an email that meets all of these criteria can take practice. Send attachments if necessary. The title you have chosen to give your email may sometimes reflect that it is an email with an attachment and shows that the body of your message will be short. Most universities and colleges make use of links when they are communicating with potential students without bombarding them with unnecessary email attachments. App Store and Mac App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. After greeting a professor and introducing yourself, it’s time to state your question or request. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. This helps you save the recipient time and ensures you get a reply faster. First, decide on the purpose of your message and what outcome you expect from your communication. We will be glad to help. Most people believe that email attachment is just about sending files and documents to the recipient, but it does go beyond that, especially when you are writing a professional email. Thank you. When they click this link it would redirect them to the webpage where they can access the information you need them to get. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Therefore, if a professor denies your request, don’t hold it against them. Is it clear who’s writing to you and what they want? How about the size of the attachment? 8. Kind regards, Email Goal 4 IV. The body of the message can be built to center around the file(s) you have sent. You wouldn’t want to pass the wrong message in the email. There are five (5) attached JPEG files. Lexie Brown. Do not send them an email in … This is why the subject of your email should clearly state the purpose. It could be considered rude to leave those crucial spaces empty. Example #2: Please, see the attached report for budget estimate.. They may prefer it to be shared via Google Drive or Dropbox. Write an information-rich subject line: Online quiz problem in Lesson 4; Begin with a salutation followed by a comma: Dear Professor Walker, Check the spelling of your professor’s name one more time. Make Sure Your Message is Complete: Double-check to make sure the subject line of your email is filled in, you have included a signature, you are sending the message to the right contact person, and you have filled in the Bcc field to send a copy to yourself, so you have a record of the email message. Emailing A Professor: Essential Steps. Is the tone of the email polite and respectful? Here’s how to start an email to a professor: Professors have lots of students, so it’s important to tell them your name and the class you’re attending. As a substitute to this, if you know the information you want to share is available on a particular website or page, then you can share the link. In response to the inquiry you made concerning the list of machines and equipment available for inspection in December 2016, please find attached the list that gives the information you need. Your bro$$ address isn’t suitable for academic correspondence. Avoid unrelated matters. This is because email servers and clients have a sending limit. Always make sure your attachment is sent during business hours especially if the attachment is business-oriented. How to Email a Professor ... basically expecting the professor to take the time to write up an entire class just for you. It may also be helpful to double check with your professor for the best way to send attachments. Then think about your message’s audience and what they may need in order for your message to have the intended result. You can also state the format you are sending so the recipient would know the type of file you have sent. Acceptance Letter 4 V. When to Send Email 4 VI. Professors are usually etiquette professionals. You may go about it by simply letting them know in the most formal way. 1 Content Page no. If the syllabus, or your peers, can’t answer your question, it’s fine to send an email with additional inquiries.