Hi, in order to watch sky sports (uk) on my laptop, sky now make you download a desktop player via software from their website (which i have no reason to believe contains any problems/viruses). You should try closing the process and see if this helps you fix your issue. You can check for any available Silverlight updates and download them via this page: www.microsoft.com/getsilverlight/‎. This is on a Galaxy S5. More Sports Certainly not paying £33.99 as it is. a) If you are on Windows: Saying 'Preparing' but then only black screen. My tablet is running Android 7 and my phone Android 9. on Every football season I'm part of a team working for Sky Sports who prepare the dynamic walkthrough graphics for the Premier League. If you having trouble with watching Sky Go, then it is probably because Sky Go uses the Silverlight add-on which Edge doesn't support. For instance, users who have downloaded its new update have rung up Sky’s customer service hotline for one particular reason – a Sky Go black screen. Frankly - it must be a lack of investment in streaming capacity. Even still, Sky Sports have realised that the younger generation of sports fans do not relate to the men on screen. 11:46. The others one running Android 8 the other on 10 are not rooted and it works fine. 10:33, Hi Wam7, thanks for the message. Hi I am a Virgin Media subscriber and I have been trying to download the new Sky Sports Player onto my desktop PC using Internet Explorer (uses Windows 7). 14:21. If your on screen message includes the name of the programme you were trying to book or watch, please enter it as . I changed channel from Main Event channel to Premier League channel and the issue seemed to disappear. 12 August 2015 03:13. 17:26. The Sky Go app for Windows is not new – it’s at least 6 months old, but its existence is not well-known, likely due to Sky’s long term intransigence in providing the app for Windows. ‎12-06-2020 This will require confirming some account related security checks via a private message. The download will begin automatically. Hi, to watch Sky Sports on my laptop nowadays Sky make you download and install a Desktop Player onto your PC. This tool enables you to record any screen activity along with audio from computer system and microphone. For iOS: Firstly try restarting your device as this can free up memory. Black Panther is the first film in the Marvel franchise to feature a mostly black cast - but two of its British stars joke that they were the "Tolkien white boys". ‪Music‬. on The video is now full screen except for the bars at the top and right of the screen. Some have reported experiencing this problem immediately after they have signed into the app. I also get dark patches flashing on the Sky Sports Golf channel. The Sky Sports app is essentially the Sky Sports website in mobile form, with the ability to customise which content is displayed to show favourite teams and preferred updates. Download the free Sky Sports app for phone and tablet Get the biggest and latest, breaking sports news stories and live blog commentaries, updates on Premier League goals as they go in and all the latest video highlights of the Premier League, English Football League, Sky Bet Championship, European Football leagues and more After installing the cursor spins for a few seconds and then just goes dead. Follow the instructions to install the player. If none of these work for you, I would look to delete all Sky Player files from … I am having exactly the same problem, but on two different devices - phone and tablet. Follow. Hi I am a Virgin Media subscriber and I have been trying to download the new Sky Sports Player onto my desktop PC using Internet Explorer (uses Windows 7). Chris. Below is a step-by-step guide to install the player, so you can continue to enjoy Sky Sports' great video content: Alternatively, you can click the links below to download the player. IE11 can be found by searching for Internet Explorer from the Search box at the bottom of the screen. Watch Sky … I hope this helps some of you. on It's been like this for a few months now. Fully agree with this post, I have exactly the same issue with Sky Sports on a connection which streams rock solidly all other streams (even the sky movies and entertainment channels). There is also no sound. If you are seeing a blank screen where the content should be playing this can indicate that you need to update your version of Silverlight and/or your browser. Problems with Sky Sports Desktop player on PC windows 10. I'm watching the NFL now (Main Event channel) and the issue is there as well. Get the biggest and latest sports news stories and live blogs, updates on live goals as they go in and all the video highlights of the Premier League, Championship and more. Please let us know how you get on with this first step. With single click import of your entire music collection, it’s never been easier. Thanks. Black screen on Sky sports on ‎18-07-2019 18:45 When I try to watch live TV on Sky sports it looks like it is going to play until after "preparing" when the screen stays black. For further support, please see the links below: Your sport. Top Ways to Record Sky Go Videos on Windows and Mac 1. 11:49. Sky Go uses Microsoft's Silverlight framework for its Windows and Mac players. To get around this simply use IE11. Shame the same can't be said for Sky Cinema. Once you successfully cast Sky GO using this method, you can watch content at 1080 high definition and 60 frames per second. We shoot 1920x1080 but with the camera at 90 degrees to spend as many pixels on the players as possible. I'm also getting the black screen on an Android tablet 8.1.0 running the App Version 8.182(224)but works successfully on an old Android tablet v5.1 running the same App version. Has anyone managed to resolve this issue? If you are seeing a blank screen where the content should be playing this can indicate that you need to update your version of Silverlight and/or your browser. No more black screen. Merson Says: Man City must have Aguero replacement lined up, Boothroyd: England U21 job 'utterly impossible', How a sandwich wrapper foiled Alonso's F1 return, Bale hails 'massive' Wales win over Czech Republic, Henry: I've had enough of talking about racism, Qatar boss silent after team decline to take a knee vs ROI, Defiant Kenny: I don't care what critics say, Brundle: Hamilton vs Max delivers F1 classic & controversy. Sky Sports visit every team and each player is filmed on a blue or green screen, in 4 positions in both kits. on Then follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall this program. Dedicated sports sections for Football, Formula 1, Boxing, Cricket, Go… The only way I have found around it is to download and install the Sky Player software, then click on the detach player icon next to the full screen icon. Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8. The Mobile Month Pass allows the following five channels to be streamed live: Sky Sports, Sky Sports Arena, Sky Sports Action, Sky Sports Racing and Sky Sports News. I'm getting a loading/blank screen on the Sky Go app. Would gladly pay if the quality was on a par with BT SPORT. moon. Sky Go is included at no extra cost to your Sky TV subscription. After downloading and installing, I can’t get the software to load up. ‎07-01-2020 I don't think it is fixed for Android 7. ‎21-07-2019 By clicking OK, you consent to the use of cookies. I have reinstalled the app a few times and it makes no difference. The first method is by using an outstanding web application available for both Windows and Mac called Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder. I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with the Sky Sports, can you uninstall and reinstall thus ensuring that it is running the latest version of the software ^Chris. Once you start playing content through the Sky Sports app your device will automatically be registered. I had a black screen issue using Windows 10 but eventually found the cause was my anti-virus blocking a banner when the programme initially tries to play. Was this issue resolved? Currently on £20/month. Has this issue continued since your post? I have tried it on 4 devices in my home and the 2 that are rooted, even using Magisk Hide and renamed, are giving me a black screen. on When you click to watch a video, you will be shown a pop-up asking if you are a new or existing user. Sky Go is only available in the United Kingdom and was launched in January 2006. on Only Virgin TV customers who are subscribed to Sky Sports channels will be able to log in to access the live content, although anyone can download the app. The reason for this is not made abundantly clear, but it seems like the Sky Go app only works best on desktop PCs or gaming consoles. If you're seeing an on screen message on your Sky+ box, Sky Q box or Sky Q app, please enter it below, using the exact wording that you see on screen.. You should identify yourself as a new user if you've not watched Sky Sports content on your Mac/PC before, or have recently upgraded to the latest macOS, 10.14 Mojave. Then follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall this program. For upgrading issues with the player, we recommend you uninstalling, and downloading again from the links above to resolve any issues. 17:00. 22-08-2020 15:26. I strongly suspect it might be caused by rooted devices. ‎21-07-2019 Right click Sky Go and click Uninstall. If the above hasn't helped, delete the Sky Go app, then go … Play amazing courses on PC, tablet or mobile! Double-click on the downloaded file to begin the installation. Sky Sports will broadcast the West Indies vs. England cricket series being played in the U.K. on July 8, during which players of both teams will sport Black Lives Matter logos on their shirts. ‎25-02-2021 Nevertheless, the app is available now, and while it is not in the Store, it does have a sleek modern interface […] 00:35. Sky Go on Smart TV from Laptop or PC (Best option): To make Sky Go work with a smart TV via an HDMI cable, you have to screen mirror your laptop. Download songs, create playlists or stream directly. When I try to watch live TV on Sky sports it looks like it is going to play until after "preparing" when the screen stays black. If you are using a Mac or PC, you need to download Sky's new desktop video player application to watch the Sky Sports channels and Catch Up on demand video content. First, you’ll need to: Connect your computer to the television using an HDMI cable. ‎Download the free Sky Sports app for iPhone and iPad. I ended up with an Android 10 phone where it does actually work. On 16 May 2008, Sky Anytime on PC was rebranded as Sky Player, along with updated software to include live simulcasts of Sky News and Sky Sports. If so, we would recommend deleting the app from your device, re-downloading and entering your details. Google Chromecast is an electronic device that is used to cast your Smartphone or computer screen on your TV. Now access your entire skydrive music collection from you windows phone without any restrictions. ‎21-02-2021 It is ideal for live sports and other content that prioritizes visuals more than text. Once the installation is completed, you will be able to watch Sky Sports video content. Grey-Screen When Watching Sky Go on External Screen. Getting the same thing on a Phone and Tablet both running versions of Android 10. Have subscribed to SKY SPORTS for the last two months.Deciding whether to continue as the stream quality is so poor. Can’t get sky sports on it, I can get the menu and all the different channels and then when you select which one the screen stays blue then goes black and the following message Sorry, there was an error in the player. If all the other players can give decent quality and even HD in some cases why can't Sky. This website uses cookies. Re: New Sky Go Desktop app - black screen not working ‎09 May 2018 07:51 PM I had a black screen issue using Windows 10 but eventually found the cause was my anti-virus blocking a banner when the programme initially tries to play. Using Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder. on Method 1: Close the Cisco VideoGuard Monitor process. Sky Go uses Microsoft's Silverlight framework for its Windows and Mac players. Sky Go is an application that allows you to stream live sports, news, movies and much more. Your way. ‎18-07-2019 Hi Everyone. It seems like Sky Go does not want people sending media to external screens. We are sorry to hear you have continued to experience this issue and we would like to take a further look into things for you. on However, the obvious catch here is that customers can only stream via their smartphone and so the action will take place on a small screen. Drag this new window to the monitor and maximise it. It is not either a live channel issue as my connection streams such as BBC live channels from the I-player without issue. When connected, your computer will detect the new display as a second monitor. I use Kaspersky Total Security so to resolve I simply added sky.com to the Websites with Allowed Banners list within the Anti-Banners section. And with Sky Mobile, you can watch Sky TV on the go without using your data. Sky Go's picture quality is and always has been abysmal, with constant blocking and buffering. We will follow up straight away. Can’t get Sky Sports just says on screen sorry, there was an error in the player. Project : Sky Sports, 2014 Branding Design_Directors' cut Client : Skylife TV Debut Date : Jul. How to use the Sky Sports app. Thank you for your post, we are very sorry to hear this has been the case. on The rebranding also coincided with an update to the client, which included a new interface and a pay-per-view service for movies and US television shows.