The best way is via our short enquiry form. But tiny campers have so many benefits compared to a larger vehicle and can be just as good as, if not better than a giant RV. Usually, under the bed space is a hidden treasure with plenty of room for climbing gear or as an inflatable paddleboard. VW Caddy Camper Van Sliding Ply Pod Bed, Seat, Tab . Can you use a VW Caddy Camper as daily vehicle? If you’re looking to be super stealthy, then make your camper look like a work van from the outside to throw people off. Explore Volkswagen Motor Home for sale as well! For me, there is nothing better than a day spent almost entirely outdoors and when you’re living in a van, especially something small like a VW Caddy Camper, this becomes the norm. Itching to try out Full Time Van Life? Take a look at our current vacancies. Easy to drive, it still has everything you need for your trip, a large fridge, gas cooker, a sink, a double bed, and all the mod-cons in the front cab. Kits such as the nest box also mean you don’t need to have fantastic carpentry or DIY skill to be able to convert your VW Caddy Camper into a comfortable tiny home. Yes. komik Nový člen Příspěvky: 27 Registrován: 24.02.2006 21:02. However, in a VW Caddy Camper, no parking spot is too small, so you’re free to go wherever you please with even less planning and stress. Volkswagen has revealed the next-generation Caddy camper van, with the new lifestyle model named California instead of Beach. VW Camper Van Conversions and Servicing Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Camper Van Conversion This is how you get a 3/4 size rock and roll bed, that opens to 6ft, units, a hob, sink and full 12v/240v hook up into a VW Caddy Maxi. If you’re in the market for a cheap camper, but something that is still going to be reliable then a compact camper like the VW Caddy Camper could be something to look into. The new Volkswagen Caddy Cargo is an innovative and versatile van perfect for everyone. The third row seat is swapped for a roll out bed for two. Try its shrunk in the wash sibling. If you’re used to driving a car and are looking to buy your first campervan, then something that bit smaller could be a good option, as you will feel safe on the roads and won’t have to adjust your driving too much. 12 month European roadside assist warranty. When does the new VW Caddy California camper go on sale? Der Nachfolger des Caddy … mot has just run out but will pass no problem once the turbo has been sorted out. If you plan on converting your VW Caddy Camper yourself then it is worth looking at some inspiration first; see what others have already done but stretch yourself and see how you can take the design that one step further. There are also a lot of second-hand options out there, which can save you a few pennies during your initial purpose. The Mini Camper is the baby of our fleet. Convert your VW Caddy Maxi Life into a camper van in less than 5 minutes! When people dream of living the van life people will often pass over a compact camper van such as the VW Caddy Camper, thinking it is too small to hold all of the van life essentials needed for an epic road trip. If you have any specific questions please let us know. In a VW Caddy Camper, any parking space is yours for the night as nobody will need to know you’re inside. Camper conversion companies can add a pop top for you too, which turns it into the perfect mini camper. Travelling in a van is about seeing new places, experiencing new things and meeting amazing people along the way, not about how picture-perfect your tiny home is. The VW Caddy California is a sweet little camper van; The VW Caddy California is a sweet little camper van. It’s a small two-person camper that’s based on the Caddy van. We love the VW Caddy Camper and this it’s about time it got the recognition it deserved. ... Caddy camper conversion with 3/4 bed and side storage which doubles as L shape lounge area. Stealth camping is when you sleep in your campervan overnight without attracting anyone’s attention. Therefore, if you’re an outdoorsy person, a VW Camper Caddy would be perfect for your next road trip. Having the ability to do this opens up a whole host of parking that would not be otherwise available to you. Like the look of this? DIY VW Caddy Maxi Camper: I've bought a caddy maxi 6 years ago. We think small campers are often overlooked which is why we’re going to be looking at the VW Caddy Camper today, one of the most underrated micro campers out there. The new Volkswagen Caddy California camper has been fully unveiled. The smaller your camper, the less fuel it will take to run as the engine is not carrying as much weight, which means you get to save more money for your road trips! Jenom upozorňuji na problematiku bezpečnosti. The little, Caddy-based camper will get a full debut in September. Volkswagen has unveiled the Caddy California, a daily driver camper van that can sleep up to four people. VW Caddy Camper Van Sliding Ply Pod Bed, this can be used for a number of applications including camper, transporter floor and mk1 caddy load beds. See 22 results for Vw caddy camper van for sale UK at the best prices, with the cheapest ad starting from £800. Being able to easily and quickly add a pop-top to your camper is a real game-changer, especially when it means you can now stand up inside your van. If you’re used to driving a large RV, then you will know that planning where you are going to park is at the forefront of every trip. Just because a VW Caddy Camper is smaller than your average self converted campervan conversions it doesn’t mean you can’t get inventive with your build. It turns out the new Caddy Mini-Camper that VW Commercial Vehicles teased last month isn't actually called "Mini-Camper" at all. Volkswagen says it will offer a trio of camper van models for “every budget, every journey, and every adventure.” The redesigned Caddy, introduced earlier this year, is based on VW’s modular transverse matrix (MQB) platform. You can simply purchase the conversion kit, and you’re good to go on your adventure. This need to make the outdoors an extension of your living space when travelling in a VW Caddy Camper isn’t a bad thing. Our VW Caddy camper Maxi conversion "Camp" and our VW Caddy conversion "Active" go one step further. See more ideas about camper, camper van, camper conversion. VW Multivan Conversion, VW Multivan Camper Conversion; VW Caddy Conversion, Caddy Camper Conversion. The VW Caddy campervan is the perfect choice for you, if you’re looking for all the functionality of a larger campervan such as a VW Transporter, but ingeniously designed to fit within a much smaller space. A VW Caddy Camper may be small, but this doesn’t mean they’re not mighty, you may be surprised by how much you can comfortably fit in such a tiny space. Sign up for our latest updates and promotions. At the moment, Volkswagen is still deciding whether the Caddy California will be sold in the UK at all, but the latest news is that a decision on this is getting closer - and the indications are it will be a positive one. Caddy Life Camper: In line with its higher price ($39,990 manual, $42,990 DSG), the Camper is better-equipped bringing the 1.9TDi diesel engine, alloy wheels, cruise control and an electric sunroof standard. Today we’re here to change your mind and show you ten reasons why a smaller camper van can make the perfect tiny home to travel the world in. VW Caddy Camper The Caddy Camp Maxi. Want to reveal to the world that you’re a weekend warrior? Check out our Love Campers Blog to read about our exploration into sustainable practices, and more. With the bed down, there is a fairly long load space so they can be used to transport longer items such as surfboards. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what camper you have as long as it allows you to get out there. No country lane is too narrow, which is excellent news for reaching that beautiful park up spot. The Caddy Maxi offers all of the luxuries of a bigger vehicle whilst still being easy to park at home, work and whilst out on your holidays. Whether your travel is in the form of weekend getaways or a year-long trip it does not matter, the VW Caddy Camper will get you there. You can transform the Caddy into a full-equipped campervan, but with the driving characteristics of a car! It's all possible. Re: Caddy Maxi pro camping. The beauty of our approach is that you will have the option to either buy an “off the shelf” VW Caddy Camper, built by us and fitted out with extras we know come in handy, or to customise your van to your own taste and exact requirements. Regular California seem far too commodious? As well as being able to drive your VW Caddy Camper anywhere you like, as it is small enough to do so, there are also kits (such as the NestBox shown above) that allow you to easily insert or remove the camper module into your van. Let us know what you think of the VW Caddy Camper by joining the Van Clan over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Our Caddy ‘Kompakt’ conversion is an excellent way to get the most of your VW Caddy Maxi. Often, campervan owners will also need to own a second car. Příspěvek od komik » 12.02.2014 18:45. With so many incredible points and the critical travel factor, the VW Caddy Camper is perfect for anyone wanting to explore. Many people will build out their camper with the aim of expanding it with a pop-top at a later date. The Caddy Maxi has retained the original VW seating configuration, with two seats in the front and three rear seats with a -2 layout. After a preview in February this year, the fifth-generation VW Caddy will launch in late November in select European markets as an estate (Kombi), family MPV, Cargo delivery van and California camper. We are on hand to advise you throughout the process, from helping you to choose the right base van through to well after you are off adventuring. With the rear seats/bed folded out of the way, the rear storage area is significant, offering 1400 x … Having this option to take your easily enlarge your camper is a high plus point for the VW Caddy Camper. Looking for more options? You can also call us if you’d prefer on 07973687950 or 07858 831116. Now, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is revisiting the compact camper market with the new Caddy California. First up on our list of why the VW Caddy Camper is a fantastic vehicle is that it is a much more affordable camper van, compared to a larger RV. Sprinter van life is very fashionable right now; there are so many insta-perfect images out there of people travelling to beautiful places in their beautiful camper conversion that it can be easy to lose sight of the real joy of van life travel. Small and perfectly formed this camper is great for singles or couples. Want to work with us? See our privacy policy for how we handle your data. In fact, it allows you to connect with nature and your surroundings and explore the areas you are staying in. You can also decide what extras you would like in your van, for example, a portaloo, heating, or an off-grid solar power system. Stealth camping is particularly great if you enjoy exploring new towns and cities on a shoestring budget as finding free city parking for a campervan can often be tricky. In a large camper this would often mean timing your drive so that you can park before peak time, but in a VW Caddy Camper you only need one car space, and you’re good to go! You will be able to choose the colour scheme, fabrics and wood finish. This is perfect if you want to be able to use your van as both a camper and a work van. After all, not many people could park a larger camper in their workplaces car park. Check out our other campervan conversions. The Compact Camper with Big Ideas ‘Clever, ‘ingenious’ and ‘remarkable’ are just a few words which have been used to describe CMC’s Caddy camper. If you are planning on converting your own van then check out our how to build a campervan E-book! We are dedicated to safety, sustainability and accessibility in our work practices and products. They are handmade with wood, and as many natural products as possible, which gives a lovely, relaxing experience for you inside the van. Across our range, you can have from two up to five belted seats, and sleep from one to four people, or even five including a smaller child.With the bed down, there is a fairly long load space so they can be used to transport longer items such as surfboards. In fact, by having tight dimensional limits, you can stretch your creativity to come up with suitable solutions, that both functions well and looks good. Affordable To Buy and Run @freundship. A VW Caddy Camper is not much bigger than a large car, so driving these vehicles is an absolute dream. Fill out this short enquiry form to get started. VW Caddy Life 1.9 TDI DSG Colour Concept. Volkswagen VW TRANSPORTER T5, CAMPER VAN, MOTOR HOME 2.0 2011 (61 reg) | 4 berth | End bedroom | 85,984 miles | Manual | 2L | 140BHP | 5 belted seats Trade Seller Customisation to meet your particular needs comes with the territory. Our VW Caddy Campervan conversions span a diverse range of requirements and uses. Based on the fifth-generation Caddy light-commercial vehicle that was revealed in February, the California is available with a standard or long wheelbase, meaning it measures either 4501mm or 4853mm in length respectively. The VW Caddy is basically a smaller Transporter with a VW Golf look to it, everything is much more compact and you can get this in a Maxi version, that comes with 60CM+ of extra room, allowing you to add standard bed, kitchen space and more. Find Volkswagen Caddy used motorhomes for sale on Auto Trader, today. If you enjoy the van conversion process then turning a VW Caddy into a Camper will be an exciting process for you, not only is it fun to do but it’s also quick meaning you will be seeing results in no time at all. Now there’s an easier way to make your favourite activities last. But I wanted to be able to go on a holiday, without having to move everything around *every* night … Eliminating the need to own a second car is not only great news for your bank account as you only need to pay for fuel, tax and servicing on one vehicle but also for the environment. This is an excellent idea for those looking to travel in a van on a shoestring budget. There are also plenty of companies who will convert your small van into a camper using their standard kit. Full Time Vanlifer | Writer, Blogger, Reviewer | Favourite Place: Sardinia | Sushi Lover | Next Location: USA, Van Life Cost: How Much Does Living In a Van Cost? We know how important it is to have the right finish in your campervan. If you’re looking for a campervan that is perfect for stealth camping, then the VW Camper Caddy is the vehicle for you. 10 Reasons Why The VW Caddy Camper Is Completely Underrated 1. There are a few ways to contact us. This compact, affordable camper is ideal for van life travel and will allow you to drive, park and camp anywhere you would like. Despite their small dimensions, these compact campervans can make the perfect small homes to take with you whenever you travel. Head over to our brand new Facebook Group! Nahoru. VW Caddy California Weltpremiere Kompakter Camper für den Alltag ab 29.887 Euro Die neue Camping-Variante des VW Caddy heißt California. However, with the VW Camper Caddy, this isn’t the case. A VW Caddy Camper is smaller than most campervans, meaning it encourages you to open the doors first thing and stretch your legs outside. All of our VW Caddy campers are designed and hand-built by us, to a precision level, and some of the designs feature our own rock & roll folding bed design. We have converted the VW Caddy Maxi into a great wee camper. It is easy to get caught up in appearances and want the fanciest campervan out there, which is why we wanted to save this most basic point until last. Unless you go for a VW Caddy Camper. This can be upgraded to up to three years (36 months). This is especially true if you’re heading to a busy city or a tourist hot spot. If you decide, once you already have a VW Caddy Camper that you’re looking for a little bit of extra space, then you can easily add a pop-top. This may give you a more efficient result if you don’t know your way around a tool kit. Pěkná postýlka. Jul 20, 2019 - Explore Jessica Simmons's board "vw caddy maxi camper" on Pinterest. Volkswagen Caddy CAMPER . All within a campervan that drives like a VW Golf, and has a footprint of less than five metres long. Love Campers has developed designs for both the VW Caddy, which is the short wheelbase VW Caddy, and the VW Caddy Maxi, which is the long wheelbase VW Caddy. Often, people will overlook the price of running a campervan, when looking at van life costs, and see owning a camper as having a second car. It gives you flexibility for the interior space to change and grow with you and also to develop as your budget increases. We’ve saved the best thing about a VW Caddy Camper until last, and that is that it allows you to travel. VW Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Van C20 1.6 TDI 2015 (65) new shape, 102 Bhp Lwb, L2 Blue, only 50,000 miles Full service history, just serviced, ideal small camper … Discover the latest launch date, pricing and spec information online today. It may sound obvious, but running a larger camper is going to guzzle much more fuel than your car. VanEssa mobilcamping makes a range of kitchen and sleep systems for the Volkswagen Caddy, Caddy Maxi and Caddy Beach - Short Wheelbase - Long Wheelbase - 2 seater or 5 seater models (and 7-seater Maxi with rear seats removed) - Caddy Beach (which is a Caddy Maxi with 5-seats and additional camping equipment) As it is not much larger than a seven-seater car, you would not have any problems driving the VW Caddy Camper on your daily commute. With the best range of second hand Volkswagen Caddy motorhomes across the UK, find the right motorhome for you. We’d love to hear from you. VW's commercial vehicle division doesn't have a presence in the US, so don't look for this tiny rig to come to America. One fewer vehicle on the roads is a small step to a greener world. A VW Caddy is not much larger than some family cars, so the price you’ll be looking at paying isn’t going to be hugely more than a regular car. It’s a place to pick up vanlife tips, share ideas, and meet other van life enthusiasts from around the globe! 2014 vw volkswagen caddy micro camper van low miles bus surf van . If no one knows you are in your van and it does not look like a camper from the outside, which most VW Caddy Campers don’t, then you can sleep almost anywhere. Across our range, you can have from two up to five belted seats, and sleep from one to four people, or even five including a smaller child. If you’re interested in one of our small conversions please do not hesitate to contact us. 2012 Volkswagen Caddy Campervan Day Van 5 Seater Camper - MTB Surfing Fishing . Inside, there is easily enough space to sleep two and, with good design, there is even enough space for a full kitchenette and even a place to shower. This isn’t just so you can find the most picturesque spots but also so that you know you will be able to park your camper. Our removable, folding VW Caddy Maxi Life camper van conversion module unfolds in seconds to create a comfortable reclined bench seat with pop-up table system or a large flat sleeping platform with enough space for 2 adults. Travel in a van isn’t about spending time inside your camper, although it’s great to have that home base and somewhere warm and cosy to eat and sleep, it’s the time outside that makes your trip memorable. First up on our list of why the VW Caddy Camper is a fantastic vehicle is that it is a much more affordable camper van, compared to a larger RV. We are committed to equal opportunities, human rights, diversity and inclusion. One of the biggest bonuses of owning a VW Caddy Camper is that is it so easy to park! If you’re an adventurous person looking to bring your outdoor gear away with you, then you will be able to make space in a VW Caddy Camper. Owning a campervan is all about reaching new destinations and exploring as many places as you can.